Training Process For An Elevator Technician

Installing elevators and fixing them requires a great deal of expertise. It can be done only by a person who is qualified or trained enough for the same. There are lots of institutes all over the world that provide detailed training to youngsters who aspire to become elevator technicians. There are many short term certificate courses available as well; however it is always recommended that technicians should take up the full-length courses in order to get the necessary expertise. The following is the process that a person is required to follow for becoming a qualified technician.

 Educational qualification

A person should have basic high school qualification for getting further training on the technical, electrical and mechanical part of elevators. Since installing brakes, understanding friction movements and the other technicalities involve knowledge of science, it is better if the candidate takes subjects like physics and maths in his high school. Candidates who possess mechanical or electrical engineering have a greater chance of getting the techniques of elevator training right in a very short span of time. Candidates who don’t have an educational degree too are requested to get a diploma course on mechanical or electrical engineering before proceeding to elevator training methods.

 Apprenticeship program

The next step in getting trained to become an elevator technician is to complete an apprenticeship program. The duration of the program is different in various countries; however it is mandatory to complete this, as it is a mix of practical and theory sessions and gives a technician a first- hand feel of elevator mechanism. In this program, the trainees are made to work with experienced technicians and learning is mainly through observation. As a new candidate observes the safety procedures, repair mechanism and all other techniques that a trained technician does and learns practical and valuable lessons this way to know more about vertical transportation.


Once the apprenticeship program is over (in some countries it is a five-year program, in some it is for 3 years), candidates are tested on their experience and knowledge. Just like the lessons, exams too are conducted in theoretical and practical ways. The candidate has to pass in distinction or first class for him to get the necessary license or certificate which is an official proof that he is an elevator technician. Candidates should check with their local state governments and legal authorities about the process of getting a licence to operate.

Once a valid certificate is issued to the technician, he is authorized to install and fix lifts from the next minute onwards. In addition to the above qualifications and trainings, he needs to be more than 100% physically fit if he wants to become a successful and reputed elevator technician, as this process requires lot of physical stamina. Read more about elevators to get comprehensive information about their working and much more.