Tips on Matching Dress and Shoes

Matching what you’re wearing and your shoes can be a bit of a task sometimes. However, it’s a lot easier than you think. As long as you have a good idea of what you plan on wearing and what you normally wear, you can match your shoes and clothing like a pro!

First of all, look at what you’re going to be wearing. Is it formal? Not so formal like a custom t-shirt? This should be the first thing that you look at. If you are wearing something formal, then you will want to completely shun the non-formal shoes in your closet and the other way around.

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Next, you need to look at color. If you’re wearing a suit that’s an off the wall color, you’ll want to go with either black or white dress shoes. Or, if you’re daring, you can choose that color. If you’re wearing a dress that is an off the wall color, you have a lot more room to play with it.

You need to also look at the cut of the actual outfit. For example, if you saw a girl wearing a rather sharp looking dress (as in it is sharply cut. Like it has a low neckline and a very angled skirt, for example), then you would want your shoes to match that. The same goes for softer dresses, suits, etc.

Last of all, sandals can only be worn as dress shoes by women—and even then, they need to be dress sandals. With sandals in mind, even if you are wearing them with an informal outfit—you need to make sure that you are not wearing socks. This is a huge fashion don’t!

Bags are also considered important in today’s fashion.Man bags have become common in society. These bags are convenient types of accessories that men can use for storing and carrying a variety of things. The trends to see in the world of man bags for 2017 will show just how popular these bags are among all types of men.

The camera bag is expected to make a real splash in 2017. This is a man bag that is similar in style to a messenger bag. The main difference is that the camera bag will be much smaller than the messenger bag. This bag can be strapped around a man’s shoulders and easily carried around. Brown and black are expected to be the most popular colors for these man bags.

The newsboy bag is also a type of man bag that will become popular in 2017. This man bag has a canvas exterior. This is recommended for casual types of events. The canvas exterior can come in the same colors that a camera bag might feature.

The messenger bag is expected to become big among business travelers. This comes from how a messenger bag will be difficult for a person to steal. It can fit across the shoulder and then over the chest.

This is a kind of bag that would be best for day trips. However, some companies are beginning to make larger messenger bags that can be catered to those on weekend trips. This means that a person would use a larger bag to store more items in.